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Color for Every Mood

If you would like to influence the mood of the people around you, choose the colors you wear wisely. Not everyone knows that color can impact people's moods in many ways. Choosing your outfit with color in mind allows you to invite the feelings you want others to...

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I Need Your Help!

During my childhood, life was not always easy, and I faced many setbacks over the years that I will never forget. At one of the darkest moments in life, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency was there for my family and me when I needed help the most. The people...

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Wear What Makes You Happy

The decision of what to wear for a certain occasion is not always easy to make, and many women put a lot of thought into the process because they don’t want to choose the wrong path, color or style. Coco Chanel once said, "If a woman is dressed poorly, you notice her...

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