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Personal Branding Experts Membership

As you may know ByFERIAL certified training are conducted and offered both online and face-to-face.

You don’t need any pre requirements to become a successful Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, all you need is to have some love and passion for fashion and enjoy being around people to help them achieve their greatest potential, both personally and professionally. After your participation in our training you will be honored a Certificate that is Internationally Recognized and Accredited.

We are offering you three steps to get you “Certified” and “Qualified” not only as an image consultant but also as a Master within the image industry. Below you’ll find additional information and the application form. Therefore we highly recommend that you start your journey today and aim for the highest level tomorrow. The first thing you need to do is to join our Personal Branding Experts Group and become an active member in your region.

How to join the Empower Global Network Group

To join the ByFERIAL training and guarantee your spot you need to apply and become a member of our Empower Global Network Group. This group is designed with you in mind to learn, meet and mingle with other like-minded people.

The purpose of this group is designed as a resource to inspire, empower, have fun and provide support and guidance to grow your knowledge of the image and beauty industry through education, camaraderie. The group is dedicated to building strong alliances to create an environment of openness and trust so that everyone feels comfortable discussing their challenges and career successes, holding each other accountable, and keeping each other focused on building their business and reaching their goals. This is a premier interactive online forum for professional consultants and entrepreneurs to discuss business needs and concerns; as well as steps and stumbles in a warm, friendly, and supportive environment.

The Empower Global Network Group: Is open to anyone who would like to get into or is actively involved in the image, beauty, fashion and etiquette industry. Membership is limited to a small number per group to ensure sufficient interaction for everyone.

In support to our members we will be honoring all our Empower Group a 30% discount on their future training and Tools.  


There are two parts to this group:

1 – Online Training: Ferial Youakim will lead, organize and facilitate all the online training sessions which will take place first Tuesday of each month with two sessions offered at alternative times. Training and topics of discussion will help you expand the way you look at your business, deepen your relationship with your clients, increase your fees, and enhance your personal brand.

2 – Forum: Our Empower Global Network Group Forum will be held around the glob in selected locations.

So come along and join us for our Meet, Greet and Eat. If you don’t have a nearby group we encourage you to initiate and lead your own Empower Global Network Group in your region.

Our forum meetings and online mentoring will feature guests who will speak to the group about topics and trends relevant to the image, fashion, beauty and etiquette industry. Therefore we encourage you to invest in your future SUCCESS today if you haven’t done so yet.

The Empower Global Network Group Forum & Online coaching agenda:

The Empower Global Network Group Online Training & Mentoring Webinars – Are conducted on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Empower Global Network Group Forum – Are conducted on a monthly basis at a location near you.

PLEASE NOTE: Topics can vary and change depending on the availability of our guest speakers.

We thank you for your participation and commitment to the Personal Branding Experts Group.

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