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Fashion & Style Guide

personal_styleSuccessful images begin with choosing the right style to reflect your own individual personality. By wearing clothes that not only flatter your physical shape and age, but also mirror and reflect your own unique beauty and personality

Those who are born with instinctive style are lucky, while others develop their own from mistakes that they made through the years. The key to mastering your own personal style is to have the confidence to carry yourself with grace and poise.

To develop style means to love and accept ourselves, and our body, by dressing to enhance our image, by only wearing what suits our body type, our height, our age, and of course clothing that is suited for the occasion. By dressing in a manner to compliment your figure, by gaining knowledge and adapting it, and by understanding your body will allow you to be more confident. You will feel good about yourself reflecting in your mirror, a trueindividual in style.

ByFerial Certified Consultants will be more than happy to create a custom made Fashion & Style guide to highlight your assets and camouflage any less desired areas.

For your Fashion & Style Consultation please contact a ByFerial Certified Consultant to discuss your options.