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ByFERIAL Image Consulting

ByFerial’s image consulting will transform your life and allow you to realize your personal and professional goals. With the expertise of a ByFerial’s image consultant and stylist, you will discover the ideal combination of makeup, wardrobe and hairstyle choices to reach your beauty and style potential.

What a Certified Image Consultant can do for You

A ByFerial style consultant works within your individual appearance to determine the best makeup, color, wardrobe and hairstyles to create your unique style. With our expertise and your determination, you will achieve a new and improved image.

  • Transform Your Life: A style consultant can guide you through radical yet simple changes that can enhance your personal and professional appearance. 
  • Get Industry Secrets: Our image consulting teaches you the best techniques to create illusions: a person can appear taller, shorter, thinner, bigger or perfectly balanced without the need for any plastic surgery or other drastic approaches. Our beauty consultants have mastered the use of colors, silhouettes, accessories and textures that can create this magic.
  • Dress for Success: A ByFerial style consultant will help you design a wardrobe portfolio made especially for you. You will know which style of clothes and accessories not only make you look good, but will also make you shine and stand out from the crowd.
  • Color Coordinate: There is no substitute for how you look and feel when you wear the most attractive colors, the ones that suit your features the best.
  • Discover the Right Makeup and Hairstyle: Our beauty consultants can help you discover the right makeup and hairstyle to complement your face shape and let your beauty shine.
  • Project Success: In the business world, those who project a Total Image often pass by others—regardless of who has the stronger skills. Successful people know that a Total Image makes them appear credible and polished to those around them. An image consultant can work with you to develop your Total Image that is unique to your abilities and personality.
  • Be Heard: Both verbal and non-verbal communications convey your personality without you even noticing. With image consulting, you can learn the language and etiquette skills to communicate the message you really want to send to the world.

Feel More Confident

Let your inner beauty shine. Your image is the first thing people see. It should reflect the best of you. Our style consultants can teach you how to dress in order to say what you mean, convey who you are and make your own statement. With image consulting, you can achieve any image you want to reflect through the right selection of clothing, colors, hairstyle, grooming and accessories. Get your total image in alignment and watch how opportunities open up for you.

Look Younger

Our beauty consultants can reverse the effects of aging. Looking and feeling younger depends on your attitude in life, the energy and enthusiasm you reflect and your ability to look in harmony with ‘today’. A beauty consultant can help you adjust and update your hair and make-up to counter the signs of aging. You will understand how to avoid garment styles associated with the ‘aged’. Plastic surgery is not the only way to look younger, nor on its own can it deliver the miracle some of us expect. The journey to real beauty begins with your inner attitude and should reflect on your outer appearance.

Define your personal style


Do you know what your clothes say about you? Any image you want to convey can be achieved through your selection of clothing, hair-style, grooming details, accessories and colors. Our style consultants can make sure you have complete control over how you will be perceived when you walk out the door. Your style consultant will provide a customized personal Fashion & Style Guide that will help you align your total image and open up new opportunities for you.

With the help of a By Ferial image consultant you will gain the knowledge to understand your body so that you can feel good and start reflecting who you really are. You will gain confidence to carry yourself with grace and poise. Beauty and style consulting will help you choose clothes that not only flatter your shape and age, but reflect your unique beauty and personality.

Other services an image consultant can provide to you are personal shopping assistance and wardrobe organization and assessment. A By Ferial Professional image consultant can also design and deliver a custom program for your company, club or association. We offer half or full-day seminars to create a learning experience that is productive valuable and inspiring. We will combine activities, case studies, tips and assessment tools to generate interest and participation from attendees.

Chroma ByFerial

This unique system, exclusive to ByFerial, analyzes the hue, value and intensity of your unique color combination. When our style consultants unlock the secrets to your optimimum color, you will balance, harmonize and enhance your natural beauty with your own customized and personal color palette.

No amount of plastic surgery or money spent on the most expensive designer clothes, makeup or hairstyle can compensate for wearing the wrong color or style for your body. Many studies have proven that when you dress in the right colors you also acquire a unique glow to your skin and a confident mystique.

A ByFerial beauty consultant will help you make your impression a lasting one by helping you choose the colors that suit you best.

During your image consultation we will determine your dominant season, your flow season and contrast level. After the consultation you will have the tools to help you make the right choices to enhance your wardrobe and make up.

Wearing the right color will make you look younger and healthier, but best of all it will enable you to carry yourself with confidence and self-esteem.


An Essence ByFerial beauty consultant will be more than happy to create a look that’s uniquely yours. We will teach you how to highlight your assets and camouflage any imperfection. Our image consultants will empower and guide you in the right direction.

Our beauty consultants know that thanks to today’s technology in skincare and makeup, there are ways to maintain your skin and look young, healthy and fabulously radiant at any age.

If you are searching for a new look to open up opportunities for climbing the corporate ladder, to wining a new relationship, or simply hoping to look your best for that special occasion, with Makeup ByFerial we can ensure you are at your best. Our beauty consultants will make sure you have the right makeup application to suit the occasion.

Brides ByFerial

Makeup for brides is our specialty! Bridal makeup and hairdressing is a time-honored occasion in itself. Our beauty consultants will make sure you enjoy the process of becoming a beautiful bride.

  • ByFerial brides are offered a variety of hairstyles ranging from traditional to the most up-to-date trends and fashion. 
  • The ByFerial dedicated team of image consultants will provide you with the best specialists in this industry to make you feel and look special. We can pamper the entire bridal party, including moms and of course, the little angels—the flower girls.

Treat yourself and be a bride ByFerial with special packages made especially for you. With our team of beauty consutants, not only will you look like a princess, but you’ll feel like one too. After all, it is your special day.

Our Mission is to leave you feeling as serene and radiantly beautiful outside as you are inside. Image Consulting will create the look and style you desire, while making sure you stay comfortable in your own skin.