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Webinar 2: Dress To Impress For Your Success

cd2-dress-to-impress-for-your-successAs you know in today’s competitive business you need to be unique and different from your competition. To be ahead of everyone, you need to evaluate your total image; we are not talking just about your higher degree or dressing for success.

To win a job, climb the corporate ladder or win someone’s heart and be ahead of everyone else, you need to look at all aspects of your image. Companies are looking increasingly at those men and women who have CLASS and STYLE and are confident within themselves to reflect a polished professional image to enhance their company image.

To master your professional polished image and to get ahead in life you need to excel in all areas that value your total image therefore we need to dress, act and behave to impress.

To insure the best quality of training and personalized attention we limit our online training to 10 participants.

If you are in the image industry working as a Trainer, an Image and/or Etiquette Consultant, a Personal Shopper, a Coach or simply you would like to get into the image industry the online training and coaching are a must for you to grow your knowledge and your business.

If you’re interested in growing your business and taking it from passion into a profession, then these webinar presentations is for you! In these presentations, Ferial Youakim will provide you the contents to build and run a successful business.

Each webinar includes a PowerPoint presentation, a Train-the-Trainer manual. These very informative presentations will be exactly what you need to build your confidence and your business to a higher level.

ByFerial is an innovative company with an outstanding reputation and one of the top providers to the image and etiquette industry. These presentations are a sum of Ferial’s 20 years experience in the fashion industry and are vital tools to enhancing your personal image & credibility.