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The Evolotion of Color



Although most people don’t think about it, color plays an important role in our lives and the way that we feel. It can also impact the way that people see us and the impression that we have on the world. Working wonders to make you appear youthful, healthy and vibrant, the right colors can enhance your self-image and grab the interest of others. No color is bad, but you will always want to understand how the choices that you make will impact you and the way professional and personal contacts perceive you. To be honest, we all want to have an attractive and magnetic appearance, and choosing the right colors can give you more control over the way you look than you once thought possible.

If you have heard of this concept before, you might already know that different image consultants have created their own version of the color analysis system. Each one, though, is rooted in the “seasonal” color system, which places people into one of these four categories: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Originally developed by Suzanne Caygill in the 1950s, this method of matching individuals with the perfect colors has been changed and modified many times, and not all versions are equal. If you want to get the best results, then you need to focus on the 4X4 Color System, which is the most current and relevant version.

Some versions of the color analysis system are hard to learn, but the 4X4 Color System allows anyone to uncover the basics of color matching with ease by using 16 seasons. Based on your appearance and style, you will know exactly what to wear when you want to present yourself in a way that others won’t be able to forget. You will turn heads and captivate people in almost any situation of which you can think, and I am confident that you will be pleased with the outcome.


If you want to discover more about The Evolution of Color, order your copy today. I will provide you with a guide that is concise and easy to understand, and you won’t have any trouble deciding what colors are right for you based on the message that you want to send. This topic is something about which I am very passionate, and I enjoy helping people create an image of which they can be proud. In the guide, I will explain the myths and facts of color analysis. Not only will you learn why you need to take certain steps, but you will also discover why you should do so, painting a clear picture. When you are ready to get started, you can place your order here.


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